Gandhi Katha


Written by :Umashankar Joshi
Translated by : Divya Joshi

Table of Contents

  1. The Miracle of Ramnama
  2. Equal Care For Everybody
  3. Motherly Love
  4. Oneness With Countrymen
  5. Universe As Family
  6. Playful Bapu
  7. The Power of Practice
  8. Mohan Would Not Steal
  9. A Lesson for School Children
  10. The Sportsmanship
  11. A Lesson Learnt From Mistake
  12. Its For All!
  13. Small Thing - Big Lesson
  14. Saintly Mother
  15. Unusual Examiner
  16. The First Satyagrahi
  17. Nothing is Unimportant
  18. A Confession
  19. The Magic of Love
  20. Always With The Poor
  21. Practical Approach
  22. Winning in A Loss
  23. The Art of Sleeping
  24. Punctual Bapu
  25. The First Lesson is Cleanliness
  26. Smart Kittens
  27. Ahimsa or Cleanliness ?
  28. Story Time in Jail
  29. Bapu - The Host
  30. The Making of Mahatma
  31. Ba - The First Satyagrahi
  32. Heartfelt Sympathy
  33. Introspective Bapu
  34. Unflinching Faith
  35. Firm on Commitment
  36. An Ordeal for Carelessness
  37. Self-Suffering
  38. Self Imposed Discipline
  39. How I Became Mahatma
  40. Adans Affection
  41. A Lesson of Cleanliness
  42. The Economy at Work
  43. The Real Friend
  44. True Ahimsa
  45. A Lesson for Detachment
  46. Invaluable Donation
  47. Anasakti Yoga
  48. Thinking For Others
  49. Great Flexibility
  50. Deep Compassion
  51. Bapu - The Strategist
  52. A Novel Leader
  53. He is Mine !
  54. Always On Time !
  55. The Wit of Bapu
  56. No Security Except God
  57. No Expensive Fruits For Me !
  58. The Great Statesman
  59. Gift For An Opponent
  60. Be Immortal!

About This Book

Written by :Umashankar Joshi
Translated by : Divya Joshi
First Edition : 3,000 copies, August 2010
Total : 54,000 copies
I.S.B.N :81-7229-095-0
Published by :Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal - Gandhi Book Centre
299 Nana Chowk,
Tardeo Road,
Mumbai 400 007,
MS, India
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
Ahmedabad - 380 014,
Printed by :Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
Ahemadabad-380014 (INDIA)
© Swati Umashankar Joshi


Chapter-51: Bapu - The Strategist

After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji had lodged at his barrister friend Jivanlal’s place in Ahmedabad. The thought of establishing the Ashram in Ahmedabad only was continuously going on in his mind. The form and path of the struggle for the country’s service had not yet clearly emerged and crystallised in his mind.
One evening, his friend Jivanlal came home and told him jovially, “Gandhi, your fame has started spreading all around!”
Then he told Gandhiji in detail, “Today, one of my barrister friends met me. He was coming, walking through the Ellis Bridge. At that time two people were talking, going little ahead of him. One of them was our cook. He was telling his friend that, someone has come to our place from South Africa. He requires about ten or twelve bananas in the breakfast. The whole day, he just sits idle. He says that he is a barrister. But, he is not doing any work at all. Just see, Gandhi, we have now started adding to your fame!”
And the barrister friend candidly burst into laughter. Gandhiji also joined him.
But, then Gandhiji suddenly became serious and told: “In a way he is correct, I am not doing any job here. But, shall I tell you, what am I doing at every moment all these days? As some commander constantly thinks, standing in front of the antagonist’s castle, that which pebble or stone has to be removed in order to make a hole, so that he can intrude the whole army inside the castle, similarly, I am constantly pondering over the same matter that where to make a hole in the strong castle of power of the British Empire.”
And, after some time, Gandhiji started his Ashram, near Ellis Bridge, in the house given by his barrister friend Jivanlal.