My God


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Written by : M. K. Gandhi
First Edition :5,000 copies, 1962
Total : 45,000 copies
ISBN : 81-7229-068-3
Printed and Published by : Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
©Navajivan Trust, 1962


Chapter 10 : Laws of God

God’s laws are eternal and unalterable and not separable from God Himself. It is an indispensable condition of His very perfection.

Young India, 24-11-1927, p. 393

God Himself has reserved no right of revision of His own laws nor is there any need for Him for any such revision. He is all-powerful, all-knowing. He knows at the same time and without any effort the past, the present and the future. He has therefore nothing to reconsider, nothing to revise, nothing to alter and nothing to amend.

Young India, 25-11-1926, 415

We do not know all the laws of God nor their working. Knowledge of the tallest scientist or the greatest spiritualist is like a particle of dust. If God is not a personal being for me like my earthly father, He is infinitely more. He rules me in the tiniest detail of my life. I believe literally that not a leaf moves but by His will. Every breath I take depends upon His sufferance.

Harijan, 16-2-1934, p. 4

He and His Law are one. The Law is God. Anything attributed to Him is not a mere attribute. He is the attribute. He is Truth, Love and Law and a million things that human ingenuity can name.

Harijan, 16-2-1934, p. 4

The laws of Nature are changeless, unchangeable, and there are no miracles in the sense of infringement or interruption of Nature's laws. But we limited beings fancy all kinds of things and impute our limitations to God. We may copy God, but not He us. We may not divide Time for Him, Time for Him is eternity. For us there is past, present and future. And what is human life of a hundred years but less than a mere speck in the eternity of Time?

Harijan, 17-4-1937, p. 87