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Anandwan Ashram, Chandrapur

Anandwan Ashram is the fruit of one person's ceaseless efforts and the humanitarian work of an institution set up by him - the Maharogi Sewa Samiti. Muralidhar Devidas Amte or Baba Amte as he is popularly known has carved a new path as to how a single individual can make a difference in the world. The work of the institution has converted the barren, lifeless area into a lush green forest with the help of leprosy patients who had suffered from crippling deformities. Anandwan has not only helped them fight rejection, both from families and society, but also showed the way to contribute to the world and that too, how! Today Anandwan proudly stands as one of the largest organisations of its kind in the world and attracts a large number of visitors worldwide. The doors of the Ashram are open to any needy any time. Actively supported by his family, his son, Dr. Vikas Amte spearheads the working of Anandwan under the guidance of his inspiring father. Baba Amte has been bestowed with many national and international awards, including Ramon Magsaysay in 1985 and Gandhi Peace Prize, 1999.
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Dr. Vikas Amte
Tah. Warora, Dist. Chandrapur,
Maharashtra - 442 914,
Tel. No. 07176-82034 - 82425
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